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Montrose Signs Expanding With New Facility

Building Purchase Will Add Another Bay, Additional Room For Operations

Jose Purez
Montrose Press

After 41 years at 204 W. South 1st St., Montrose Signs will have a new home.

Family owned and operated, Montrose Signs owners Angel and Mike Catanese purchased the 6,780 square foot building at 225 North Townsend. The purchase was for $495,000 and completed by Renfrow Realty.

The Cataneses are currently in the process of remodeling the building before moving the business in. The space, though, is too big for just one company, Mike said, so they’ll also be moving in their other business, Ranch Pure CBD.

A portion of the building will be leased to Goldenrod Fencing, a fence contractor in Montrose.

“I’m excited to continue to watch the business grow,” Angel said, “…Now we get to do it in an even bigger facility.”

The additional square footage gives the Cataneses at least triple the space they have at 204 W. South 1st. St., Mike said, and allows more room for additional operations. He estimates the business outgrew the current space 10 years ago with all the work that was filing in, eventually reaching a return time of four to six weeks for customers.

Now he anticipates at least a 30% improvement in the turnaround time, but hasn’t set that in stone, considering he expects the workload to jump based on the location.

Montrose Signs will have an extra bay in its new facility, too, a welcome aspect in their pursuit for a larger space as the business grows.

“With more space, I can get it (service) to (customers) in a timely manner,” Mike said.

Both businesses – Montrose Signs and Ranch Pure CBD – have done well during the pandemic, the Cataneses said (the pandemic didn’t greatly impact their manufacturing). The online presence has been prominent, which could expand soon as the pair get settled in at the new location.

They might add some improved equipment for operations, Angel said. The same can be said for adding employees later down the line – Montrose Signes currently has five employees, and Ranch Pure CBD has 10-20.

The new space also allows the business to tap into more of what it’s already doing, including vehicle wraps, digital and apparel printing, business cards and more.

“We’re a great one-stop-shop for everything you need,” Andel Said.

Though excited, it’ll be a somewhat bittersweet transition for Angel, who’s been going to the shop since she was a young girl and watched her mom, Evy Eilts (she was known for driving a pink truck), who started the business, spend busy nights at the store.

“It’s going to be weird,” Angel said of the transition. “I’ve been coming to this shop for a long long time, since I was a kid.”

Geared with plans for the new location, it’ll also house a retail space for Ranch Pure CBD that will serve as a not just a spot to purchase product, but as an educational source, too, to mitigate the stigma around CBD, Angel said.

Also, Lark Abel, who crafts detailed glass and does stone work, of Abel Arts will use some of the space in the building for a workshop. It’s possible that, once the businesses settle in, the Cataneses may host local artists and art groups and classes for community.

“We’re figuring out a way to make a mark in Montrose and that we’re here to help it and grow and develop,” Mike said.

Montrose Signs is the latest local business to move into a building with more square footage, citing the need for more space. Bicycle Outfitters in Montrose moved to 105 Merchant Drive, into a 7,500 square foot building that has a showroom, offices and storage room, and, similar for Montrose Signs, an opportunity to expand operations.

You can learn more about Montrose Signs by visiting their website at or on Facebook @MontroseSignsInc.

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