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Most Denver Renters Plan to Move to Another City

A new study shows that 2/3rds of people that rent in Denver are planning to move to another city with most saying that high rent costs are the main reason. At the same time, however, so many people from other…

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Coworking Spaces – An Economic Development Strategy for Rural Colorado?

Coworking is a growing trend bringing together independent workers including professionals, contractors, freelancers, real estate agents and startup entrepreneurs in a shared working space. According to Global Coworking Unconference Conference’s (GCCU) 2018 Global Coworking Forecast there will be 30,432 Coworking…

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Driverless Vehicles and Real Estate

One hundred years ago, if you were riding your horse down the Main Street in any city in America, you might have spotted an early version of the automobile, or as they were called back then a horseless carriage. Little…

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Demographic Trends and Opportunity

Demographic trends are the key to predicting future values and the next big opportunity in real estate. Changes to the age and makeup of our country�s population is what drives basic economic forces of supply and demand. When you overlay…

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Future of Retail Real Estate

Retailers across America are closing stores at a record pace. The commercial brokerage industry projects that over 8,600 retail locations will close in 2017, which is greater than the number of closings during the Great Recession of 2008 through 2009.…

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Marriott Coming to Montrose

Colorado Outdoors Development Drew Quality Hotelier Reprinted from Montrose Daily Press June 18, 2017 By Tessa Cheek Montrose currently short on lodging options 100-room hotel will offer extended stay suites Highly-visible hotel will offer easy connection to outdoors, downtown Editor’s…

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Is Trump Good For Real Estate?

Is Trump Good for Real Estate?

As a real estate investor, you should be asking the question whether Donald Trump�s Presidency will be good for real estate? We know that Donald Trump is a seasoned investor and developer of prime properties in several real estate markets…

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Alamosa Lumber Property Sold for $336,860

Preston Porter with Porter Realty in Alamosa, CO announced the sale of the Alamosa Lumber commercial building and property to Caton’s Super Lube for $336,860. The property sits on 1.1 acres with the main building having 3,058 square feet of…

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