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B:Side Capital (Formerly Colorado Lending Source) Is an Invaluable Partner For Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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For over 30 years, B:Side was known as Colorado Lending Source where they established their reputation as a stalwart supporter of banks and small business owners alike. In 2021, they rebranded as B:Side Capital and B:Side Fund to reflect their expanded focus, values, and offerings. Their mission to foster the economic growth of diverse small businesses remains the same and serves as the foundation for everything they do.

A Partner to Colorado Real Estate Commercial Brokers

While B:Side Capital cannot and does not pay fees to brokers for referrals, the informal collaboration among brokers and lenders on the Western Slope is invaluable and has resulted in a more positive impact for small businesses as they are connected to the resources they need. 

Why partner with B:Side Capital? The SBA 504 loan program is a great financing tool to have in your back pocket as an option for clients and is helpful for most small businesses interested in purchasing commercial real estate. You don’t have to be familiar with SBA lending or the specifics of the program – their team of SBA experts will partner with the bank to facilitate the process. 

SBA 504 Program Benefits for Buyers

  • Low down-payment of total project financing, typically only 10% down freeing up capital
  • Fixed, below market fixed interest rates (10, 20, and 25 year options)
  • Longer loan amortizations allows for lower monthly payments (typically less than what it would cost for rent)
  • Increased autonomy over business without having a landlord that may increase rent or want to sell the property

For more information or to get started, sign up in their Lender Portal. There you will gain access to resources such as their SBA 504 desk guide, an overview of eligibility requirements, current interest rates, and access to their team of lending experts via chat. 

A Trusted Affiliate to Rocky Mountain Commercial Brokers

B:Side Capital has been connected with Rocky Mountain Commercial Brokers group since 2015, and there has been great synergy as commercial real estate brokers and commercial lenders with their organization and staff.

John Renfrow, an RMCB partner has worked with B:Side and says:

We recently sold a commercial property listing, Jimmer’s BBQ in Montrose, CO, and partnered with Nicole at B:Side Capital for the funding. In short, I feel that this transaction would not have happened if B:Side was not involved. Nicole is responsive and easy to communicate with. She helped all parties understand the process to make the transaction happen. I would recommend Nicole and B:Side every chance that I have.

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